Little Fashion Dolls

21160803-2979-42D1-8159-32F5B569BC2949EE6C0D-EA35-4029-91CD-8FCA28EAB44EHairstyles..or lack of hair

The cheaper dolls have sparse rooted hair or in some cases the hair is rooted just around the edges as on this Little Miss Margie.

The Jean dolls by Jolleys have short rooted hair on the sides and back with one long piece which is swept over the a comb over.


Little Fashion Dolls – Clothing

Original clothes and shoes.

Close-ups of the finish of the clothes which were on the dolls. As the cheaper clothes were not tagged, it is harder to identify them. The type of snap or closure, the seam finish, the type of lace and trim all provide clues.

There were only a couple of types of shoes used on the cheaper dolls and the ones on my dolls may not be the ones they started out with. My dolls have come to Australia from sellers in the USA on ebay and Ruby Lane. They were listed as all original but as they are nearly 70 years old it is understandable that small items would have been lost over the years.

I am in the process of cleaning and documenting all of the dolls in my collection and photographing them as well.  This info could be helpful in identifying other pieces of clothing which I have acquired. I received a large lot of untagged dresses, blouses and also boy doll clothes with a Uneeda Suzette doll. Some of the clothes don’t appear to be for her..there were some Barbie, Revlon, and Jill clothes in the bunch..a bonus!




More Little Fashion Dolls – 1950s


Moveable arms and legs * Sleep eyes * Arched feet

The hair on these cheaper dolls leaves a lot to be desired.  Because of the way it has been rooted and factory cut, it can’t be restyled.

Little Miss Babbitt has coarse synthetic fibre hair glued directly to her hard plastic head..the head is very similar to the 8″ hard plastic dolls like Ginny and her clones.

Miss Jean has short cropped rooted hair, with one long section on top which is swept over to the side.
Miss Marie also has the same type of hair as Jean.

Unidentified Japan doll has nice thick wavy hair which holds it style well

Little Miss Babbitt is a doll made up of different parts which don’t really go together. She was a free advertising doll for a soap company.



Little Fashion Dolls

E7066A17-52A0-419A-A4B7-C85BF72393EB1950s Hi-heel dolls

These are the dolls I have which came dressed with their original boxes or tags. I am documenting these dolls and their clothes as there is not a lot of information available in one place which shows the dolls undressed.
Little Miss Revlon was so popular that lots of clones were produced by large and small doll companies. There are books and lots of information about LMR, Miss Ginger, Vogues Jill and Jan and Miss Nancy Ann.  There is not a lot of information on the clones.

Twist-waist *  Moveable arms and legs * Rooted hair * Sleep Eyes * Arched feet


Tiny Terri Lee



There is also a 10” Tiny Jerri Lee, her brother. There is a little black and white catalogue of some of the outfits. By using this and Terri Lee sites I am trying to work out the outfits I have and if there were matching hats as well.

Most of the clothes have tags. The seam edges are unfinished. Bias binding is used around the neck edges and on the full skirt hems. There are square snaps as well as tiny buttons on some of the outfits.

The swimsuit has shirring elastic which has lost all its stretch. I will replace it at some point.

The wool coat is fully lined with taffetta.

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