Tiny Terri Lee



There is also a 10” Tiny Jerri Lee, her brother. There is a little black and white catalogue of some of the outfits. By using this and Terri Lee sites I am trying to work out the outfits I have and if there were matching hats as well.

Most of the clothes have tags. The seam edges are unfinished. Bias binding is used around the neck edges and on the full skirt hems. There are square snaps as well as tiny buttons on some of the outfits.

The swimsuit has shirring elastic which has lost all its stretch. I will replace it at some point.

The wool coat is fully lined with taffetta.

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Revlon Dolls5644E3A6-0910-460A-B4E9-73BEA08149B1

Vintage doll

Nancy – Big Sister doll made by Niresk Industries Chicago USA 1959

This doll is interesting mainly because of the paperwork with her. The Niresk company had a fire and they couldn’t supply the exact doll which had been advertised so included a letter with the doll for the new owner.

There were a few pieces of clothing with her. All are factory made but have no tags so I am not sure if they were original to the doll. They were all in the original box with the doll.

I have also noticed with these cheaper dolls which have long hair in pony tails that the inner strands of the pony tails are shorter. They could have had hair cuts by their owners?? but this occurred on dolls which are still in their boxes and appear unplayed with.


Vintage Dolls

IMG_0594.JPG10″ chubby toddler walking dolls made by Block Doll Co. circa 1958

They are wearing outfits from the 1950s which came in boxes marked Candy’s Costumes by Bal Dolls. USA

The little blond doll is a Miss Addie doll which was an advertising doll you could buy for $6.95 and the box top from Ad Dishwashing Detergent. She was wearing a pink and silver gown. Missing from that outfit was the fur stole. The flowers in her hair had also disintegrated. I have made her a new fur stole and headband.

Vintage Doll

IMG_0592TONI is a hard plastic doll made by Ideal. This one is a P91 and 16″ high.

She would have come with hair rollers, lotion and a hair styling booklet as a tie-in with the Toni home perm kits. Her hair was a special nylon that could be washed and styled.

She is wearing her original Ideal rubber shoes, home made cotton socks and a vintage dress and pants from the 1950s made by one of the many doll clothing companies operating in the USA during that time.

Vintage Dolls

This doll dates from the 1940s. Different companies made them as a teaching tool for young girls learning to sew. This one came with the patterns shown and apart from the repaired arm is still in good condition. She is around 12″ high.

Whoever owned the doll had already made some clothes from the patterns and had even pinned the pattern for the pants to the wool fabric. I have washed most of the clothes after they were put in quarantine ( with pest strips in a sealed bag) for a week or so. I always do this with any dolls and clothes I buy as soon as they came into the house to prevent moths and silverfish.

I plan to make up all the clothes shown in the patterns and then make up a display box for Peggy and her wardrobe.



Vintage Toy sewing machine

Vintage Toy sewing machine

I bought this one as a replacement for my original red one which was a birthday present in the 1960s. My brothers had destroyed the original and buried the evidence in the garden..a fact they are still reminded of to this day. This one will sew a chain stitch but I was disappointed with mine as I thought I was getting a real machine. I would have been around 7 at the time.